Animal World USA Newsmagazine & Children's Book Donations 

Animal World USA newsmagazine , our free monthly publication, was in print and distributed monthly from 2004-2012. The in-demand publication along with community outreach and coalition-building  has provided in the care of the lives of  animals. 

Artists from all around the world created the  beautiful covers that  became a signature of the  publication.  The free publication, has been made available widely to communities including to libraries, schools,  leaders and events during our AW USA Weeks for the Animals celebrations. 

Increasingly AW -USA  has worked with educators, librarians , non-profit organizations, children's museums, schools, and shelters to distribute our free newsmagazine and now through book donations.  The variety of informative articles, pertinent information and inspirational stories encourage the community to become involved to help and responsibly care for the amazing animals.  

Since our last issue of Animal World USA, we now focus on donating educational materials and animal-related books to schools, youth clubs libraries and community organizations.  We would be honored to work with you and make sure you have the educational materials you need to help educate and inspire 
your students and the youth in your community. 

We have donated books to over 125 USA libraries and to children's hospitals in Africa. 
In our Weeks for the Animals Celebrations we donate educational materials to each state/country.  Contact us! 

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~Cover Art "Blue Jenny" by Marion Rose~
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