Animal Shelters and Reporting Cruelty 
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Purebreds account for 25 percent of the dogs in shelters. In some shelters, purebreds account for 30-40 percent of their animals. 

Contributing to this problem are the fact that dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and other innocent animals are being forced to breed in unconscionable conditions.  As a society, we are all challenged and prompted to alleviate their suffering by working together. 

Breeders and puppy millers can no longer hide the fact that 3-4 million companion animals die every year in shelters.  AW-USA asks all breeders and breeder associations to take responsible and creative action towards helping communities eliminate many municipal  shelters from overcrowding. 

 Low cost,  free spay and neuter programs must be  created, underscored and implemented  in every city and town.  Every step  must be taken today to reduce the number of animals being bred and the death that all the innocent animals face as a result. 
Accountability will come.  It always does.

Adopt your next  animal from your local animal shelter and/or rescue group that saves them from euthanasia.  Spay and neuter your animals.
Work collaboratively with your city or town officials to improve animal care and control  facilities. 

 Remember over 2 million companion animals are sadly sent into the USA euthanasia rooms or gas chambers every year.  They need
 all of us to help change that tragic fact.

Adopt an a life...become a hero.
Adopt an animal. 
Save a life.
Become a hero.
Save a life, gain a buddy -

Reporting Animal Cruelty - What Caring Citizens Need to Know

Facts about animal abuse:
Animals are sentinent creatures who deeply feel pain.
Cruelty to animals often leads to cruelty to humans
Domestic abuse almost always involves animals.
A high percentage of convicted criminals abused animals before turning their anger to humans.
Children who experience domestic abuse will demonstrate abuse towards animals in their lives.

Animal Fighting
Dog fighting is prevalent around the world.
Can be  in a abandoned house, field, car trunk ("crunking") park or alley
Most often are organized far beyond what you know. Be careful.
Often involve other crimes - gambling, weapons, drugs, gangs.
Lack of education and lack of love in the home lead to criminal behavior.
Mental and psychological challenges and problems will turn youth toward this criminality. 

What should you do when you witness animals being abused? Keep in mind:
Many complaints of cruelty are disgruntled neighbors or someone holding a grudge.
You must be credible - remain measured, objective and polite.
Animals are sadly considered property - You cannot legally remove abused animals yourself.
People who may be in the act of physically harming  an animal may turn their uncontrolled rage on you.
Animals who you may try to rescue could injure someone out of fear.
No matter what, stay within legal limits.  Have a witness if possible. 
If you see a suspected case of cruelty, take notes, take pictures. Always document!
In the case of suspected dogfighting -any animal fighting - Do not take matters into your own hands.
With the notes and documentation you have taken, call your local police/law enforcement and shelter. 
You may be asked to write a statement . That is why clarity and documentation are so important. 

Your involvement may mean life or death to that defenseless animal.
It may create a new life for them and all involved.
It may break a cycle of violence that escalates to humans and the community.
It may teach a child that an animal is a creature wants to be loved and nurtured.  
Animals speak and feel emotions just like us.  Let's work together to bring an end to cruelty to animals. 

**Thanks in large part to Sheila McGeeAnimal Protective Foundation of of Nova Scotia, New York.

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Spay & Neuter!
*Map of States That Still Use Gas Chambers Is Below.