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    Animals. Students. Teaching. Reaching Others. 
"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew." 

~Marshall McLuhan
 Canadian  Philospher 
(July 21, 1911–Dec 31, 1980) 
 Inspiring, educating and empowering communities  
to understand, love and protect our amazing animals and planet. 
Animal World USA brings Benji, 
once a MS shelter dog, who became a movie star, back home in style 
arriving a Memphis RiverKings 
hockey game.
Memphis City Officials and MAS Advisory Board Chairperson Michelle Buckalew at MAS 2010 long awaited groundbreaking of new
Memphis Animal Services facility!

"Ask Me About My Dream" 
Love       Joy       Peace
      "If  We Can Put A Man on the Moon (July 1969), we can take Man's Best Friend off 5 ft chains. 
Work with legislators in your community to end dog chaining." 
                                                                                                       ~ Animal World USA

Love, Understand, Protect
"Let Freedom Ring!"
We love you Art of Conservation, Africa. 

Michelle Buckalew
founder, president
Animal World USA
Working with governors, decision makers and advocates around the globe to build strong communities....

As we save precious lives, forge relationships and build awareness for the 
animals and our planet.
Animal World USA
 Educator of the Month Award. Memphis, Tennessee.
Humane Education and 
celebrating educators.
Gimme Shelter Pet Adoption Festival 
at Shelby Farms, 4,500 acres park, Memphis, Tennessee.
2002 breakout event featuring the  Miami Animal Police (right), TN Task Force One, live music, elected officials and 50 animal welfare groups. 
Animal World USA Youth 
Leadership Award 
Tisdale, Connecticut
at Memphis Zoo with caretakers, welfare groups and exhibitions.  'Blessing of the Animals' 
AW USA & Best Friends Adoption Days at Petco 
Midtown Memphis, TN.

Africa Weeks for the Animals!
Animal World USA is  putting  "Unity in the Community!"
Boys & Girls Clubs 
Animal World USA adoption day  
w/ Metro Animal Care
-Nashville, Tennessee
Visit our Weeks for the Animals websites on how to help animals and connect with others!

Animal World USA
Humane Education
“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”

—Gilbert K. Chesterton
Break the Chains for Man's Best Friend.
Seize the Day
AWUSA Education Days 
Downtown Elementary School
 Memphis, Tennessee
Faith, Hope and Love.
Animal World USA 
 Helping Save Lives, Empowering Educators
and Strengthening Communities!
Cover by USA artist 
Angi Cooper!
Cover by USA artist 
Wendy Vaughan
Animal World USA 
Youth Leadership Award  during 
Tennessee Week 
Girls Scouts of  Southern Appalacians 
AW USA Smoky Mountains Pets 
Adoption Day 
 Knoxville, TN!
AW USA & Best Friends 
Adoption Days
Wild Oats, Memphis, TN.

Washington DC
Week for the Animals

United Kingdom
Week for the Animals
Animal World USA
AWUSA Humane Education
Snowden School
with Humane Society of Mphs
Shelby County
Memphis, Tennessee

Five Freedoms Recognized by Animal Welfare Orgs
 Around the World.
International Homeless Animals Day with 25+ rescue and welfare groups, 
live music, blessing of the animals  
Overton Park            Memphis, Tennessee
Wild Oats Adoption Day Memphis, Tennessee
Petco Adoption Day
 Memphis, Tennessee
AWUSA Poplar Plaza Adoption Days
Memphis, Tennessee
                  Animal World USA Youth Leadership Award

 Brandon Wood 
from Florida for his joyful creativity saving chimps and building global relationships from Florida to Africa. Make A Chimp Smile was spotlighted during both Florida and Africa Weeks for the Animals. His military dad was the inspiration!
February 20, 2024
Organize, Educate, Volunteer, Advocate.

AWUSA Earth Day Celebration with  
Boys & Girls Clubs!
Protect our Nation's Freedom...Vote.
AWUSA Humane Education Days
Downtown Elementary School
Memphis, Tennessee
Work in Harmony 
for the Greater Good!
Animal World USA 's 
'Teddy' Bear Buck
at 2023 Memphis Grizzlies 
Poplar Plaza block party!
Animal World USA Adoption Day Petco with Memphis Animal Services and Mid South area welfare & rescue groups.
Animal World USA Valentine's Day Adoption Day w/ Memphis Animal Services and Mid South area 
shelters, rescue groups. 
AW USA Merry Memphis Christmas 
at Boys & Girls Clubs  
Memphis, Tennessee  
 Helping Save Lives, Empowering Educators
and Strengthening Communities!
'Mystic' Aura 
"Fantasia' Buckalew
'Blue Boy' Buckalew
'Gunny Buck'
Adopt a Shelter Animal. Save a Life. 
Multiply Love. Become A Hero.
Juliette West 
from California for her activism advocating  for elephants and educating the public about the plight of the animals of our planet. She is emerging as an important voice for the animal world.
Encourage and love one another.
Petco Midtown Adoption Day
 Memphis, Tennessee
"For to be free is
 not merely to cast 
off one's chains... 
but to live in a way that respects 
and enhances 
the freedom of others.”

― Nelson Mandela 
apartheid activist, freedom fighter, Pres  South Africa
Cordova Middle School
Memphis, Tennessee
“Running gives freedom. When you run you can determine your own tempo. You can choose your own course, think whatever you want. Nobody tells you 
what to do.”

-Nina Kuscik women’s running pioneer, 1st female champion Boston Marathon 

Leasure Elementary 
Delaware Week for the Animals
 Newark, Delaware
Your voice matters​!

To report animal fighting crimes, contact your local law enforcement or the U.S. Dept of Agriculture’s Office of Inspector General’s Hotline or 
Peace, Love and Unity Festival 
Shelby Farms
With over 25 animal groups, TN Task Force One, faith based orgs, shelters 
TN Week for the Animals!
“God answered the prayers of animals.”

— Thomas Aquinas
See prayers and blessings for animals.

Protect wildlife and their habitat.
Take one action daily 
for the animals.

Vote.gov helps you register to vote, find voter registration deadlines, check your registration, change your political party affiliation.

Learn how to obtain, update your voter reg card and vote!
VOTE in 2024
For Democracy
Animal World USA International
Weeks for the Animals
Animal World USA
Animal World USA Adoption Days
"Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are  one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect."
- Chief Seattle, Duwamish
“Animal communication is like any other form of telepathic, intuitive conversation. The thoughts and feelings of people and animals carry energetic signatures, communicated through very primal, 
nonverbal channels.”

― Elizabeth Eiler
"Since visiting the abatoirs of South France,
 I have stopped eating meat."

~Vincent Van Gogh
(March 30, 1853-  July 29, 1890) 
 Research bills, laws, and sponsors.

Contact your legislators to bring/sponsor ordinances and laws for the animals to your community and state.

"To you it's a meal. To her its life itself."

~Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary,  Colorado-advocacy group


"You forget that the fruits belong to all and that the land belongs to no one. "

~Jean-Jacques Rousseau 

'100 Ways to Heak the Planet'
The choices we make everyday determine the fate of planet Earth and future generations.
What will you do?
Anima-, Anim- + 
(Latin: animal life, a living being, living; breath; soul; mind) having a spirit, living, “breath of air, air, soul, life”

"One thing I know...

 The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and 
found how to serve."

~Albert Schweitzer
"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, 
 worn or consumed.

It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.  

~Denis E. Waitley      
“Cows are amongst the gentlest of breathing creatures; none show more passionate tenderness to their young when deprived of them; and, in short, I am not ashamed to profess a deep love for these quiet creatures.”

~Thomas de Quincey, English writer, essayist, and literary critic
"Animals have hearts that feel, eyes that see and families to care for...just like you and me."

— Anthony D. Williams, author
End lab testing on all animals. 
"Think occasionally of the suffering 
of which you spare yourself the sight."

~Albert Schweitzer
                      Black Beauty                           ~Anna Sewell, novelist     (  1820-1878 )
Think Global, Act Local
Emmylou Harris and Michelle Buckalew,
Keynote Speakers at the
 'Spay the Way' Conference  Nashville, TN
AWUSA Adoption Days 
Midtown Memphis
AWUSA & Boys & Girls Clubs Memphis 
Celebrating Memphis youth, sports, music and community.
Thank you to our partners who are helping save lives. Please support them!
Bartlett Animal Shelter 
Community Pet Day
Community Outreach
Bartlett, Tennessee
Adopt Love
Ban Horse Slaughter
"Do everything in love."
1 Corinthians 16:14
“People who care about animals tend to care about people. They don’t care about animals to the exclusion of people. Caring is not a finite resource and, even more than that, it’s like a muscle: the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.”

— Jonathan Foer

Save America’s Forgotten Equines 

 Bill that bans horse slaughter in USA and prohibits export of horses for slaughter.

(SAFE) Act (H.R. 3475 and S. 2037)

Most animal  legislation happens at the state level. There are also federal animal protection laws. Some cities and counties pass ordinances to protect animals.  You can make it happen!
Animal World USA's 'Teddy' Bear, who is also a therapy dog!
 Pure love.
Adopt, Advocate, Volunteer, Organize.
How to Bring a READ Dog 
 Program To Your Community!
Stay current on National Security.
USA is under continued threats.
Navalny (1976-2024)

'Brutally murdered'
for exposing Putin...and being a fearless activist.

   World  leaders say Putin critic ‘paid for his courage with his life...’ 

And that they hold Russia responsible for his death.

Be informed on animal laws. How does your state measure up? 
Strengthen the laws by using your voice.  Form coalitions.
We Love Memphis!
Adopt Love
'​Have a Heart for Chained Dogs'                    February 2024. 

February is Spay Neuter 
Awareness Month!
Spaying, Neutering 
Saves Lives!
"Justice cannot exist without truth, and truth cannot exist without transparency."

-Alexi Navalny
Browse pets from our  network of over 11,500 shelters and rescues.
Virginia Lawmakers  Move for More Transparency With University Animal Testing Facilities. 
Bill finally advances with amendments.
 Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Report Cockfighting Ring  
It hasn't been seen in Bucks County in at least ten years.
It's illegal in all 50 states.​